Outside the Law

February 23, 2011

Close Door, Open Window

I realize I’ve been so “Me” focused (which was often the case, even before I was diagnosed with cancer), that I never did any follow-up on Logan’s situation.  The last we left it, Montessori had made this ridiculous “veiled” threat that Logan, who had recently been diagnosed with ADHD, was not welcome back into the Montessori environment if he was not “properly supported; and if that means by medication, then that is what [they] expect.”

I’ve been thinking about that day for a while and what it felt like to be given such an ultimatum about my child (picture wounded mother lioness in corner).  I was so angry and determined to prove the school wrong about my son that I would have done almost anything.  Nevertheless, the moment he made that statement, I knew Logan’s future there was nonexistent.  No looking back; no apologies, no “we’ll see if we can’t work it out” platitude.  Nothing.  We were done.   It took some convincing of Greg, I think, to come to the same conclusion, but for me, it was immediate.

Logan is now thriving at his public school and happy as a clam.  He has a wonderful no-nonsense teacher who has been teaching for decades and has pretty much seen it all.  He still has issues with “body awareness” and “listening/attention” but nothing off the scale or too different from the average 7 year-old. He’s reading like gang-busters and his math and number works are off the charts.  In a word: fantastic.

So, as angry as the Montessori Head of the School made me with his threats and the school’s stated “grave concerns” over Logan’s “abilities to learn and cope,” I can’t help but feel grateful for its poor foresight and decision.  If they hadn’t pushed me into that corner, I know that Greg and I would have broken the bank attempting to make (round hole) Montessori work for (square peg) Logan.  But instead, taking such a hard stance, Montessori made it easy to just remove ourselves from the entire situation.  So, oddly enough, I feel a great debt to Framingham Summit Montessori for screwing up so badly.

So three CHEERS to Montessori’s suckitude!!!  And hooray for a young boy who is as resilient as he is smart and funny and awesome, and who we know will grow to be a fabulous man, regardless of how he gets there.

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